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Our vision is to assist and enable the people and organisations we work with in rural communities to reach their potential.

This is achieved through;

Facilitating learning and change workshops

Designing Engaging Extension Workshops

Individually tailored workshop design and facilitation

Strategic farm business planning

Coaching and mentoring

Project Management

Leadership Training

Keynote Speaking

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Facilitating Learning and Change Workshops

Facilitating Learning and Change Workshops

Duration: Two days

In the dynamic world of agricultural extension, the ability to facilitate learning and drive change is paramount. This workshop delves into the nuances of adult learning, offering insights into how we acquire new skills, assimilate knowledge, and become agents of change. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Grasp the role of facilitating learning in extension

  • Discover the importance of peer to peer learning 

  • Techniques to set groups/ events up for success

  • Understanding how we learn and take on new information 

  • Getting the most from Subject Matter Experts/Researchers

  • Master facilitation skills and processes

  • Strategies to facilitate change effectively

Designing Engaging Extension Workshop

Duration: Two days

Dive  into the art and science of creating compelling extension activities. This workshop unravels  the core elements - the Why, Who, What and the How of extension, leveraging tried-and-tested theories and models. Our goal? To ensure your events resonate with your audience and achieve the desired outcomes. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understand the essence of extension 
  • Master the methodology for designing engaging extension programs 
  • Understanding the stages of attitudinal change 
  • Decision making insights
  • Grasp the impact of personality type on learning and engagement 
  • Defining your target audience 
  • Strategise content delivery using the KASA approach
  • Explore a range of Extension and engagement tools 
  • Optional: techniques to manage challenging behaviours and effective evaluation techniques 

Individually Tailored Workshop Design and Facilitation

Individually Tailored Workshop Design and Facilitation

Ag Consulting Co has over 20 years experience in designing workshops to meet your needs.


Ignite Leadership Coaching Program

Facilitation Skills Workshop

For more information please contact Jeanette

 Recent programs include:- 

  • PIRSA Stepping into Leadership

  • Extension and Adoption for the Adelaide Mount Lofty NRM Sustainable Ag Team

  • How to communicate with Farmers

  • SE Leaders Mentor Program

  • Farm Transition workshop for Dairy SA

  • Ignite Program Mentor Training

  • AgEx DAFF Mentor Training

  • New Zealand Agriwomen’s Trust Leadership Modules

Ag Consulting Co are also licenced to deliver the following workshops:

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The MBTI is the most widely used instrument for understanding normal personality differences. It explains basic patterns in human functioning and is used for a wide range of purposes.

The Forton Group 'Ignite Leadership Coaching'

Coaching is a key leadership skill. Research shows that leaders are more productive when they adopt a coaching style; in one-to-one conversations, performance and team building situations. These leaders are more influential and encourage innovation and accountability.

This two day workshop grows leadership at all levels: it is for supervisors, managers and leaders, HR professionals, coaches, trainers and anyone wishing to support and develop others.

Course Benefits:-

  • Personal and leadership effectiveness

  • Enhanced business performance

  • People supported through change

  • Teams aligned with business strategy

  • Challenging targets achieved

Corporate Coach U 'The Coaching Clinic'

The Coaching Clinic is for professionals - from executives, team leaders, or managers to newly appointed supervisors - who wish to have a fully developed coaching model and platform for skill development.

The Coaching Clinic program generates rapid development of individuals and teams, and increases leadership potential. It is has been brought into corporations worldwide by CCU trained and licensed facilitators, and has earned the reputation as a comprehensive training for managers in core coaching skills.

Benefits of participating in the Coaching Clinic:-

  • Discover coaching as a powerful model of management and leadership

  • Experience and practice "state of the art" coaching tools

  • Learn the structure and process to integrate a coach-approach to management

  • Position the organisation for rapid growth

  • Apply learning within the workplace immediately

Building Personal and Community Resilience

Developed by Organisational Psychologists, Jakie Dackin and Katherine McEwen, this workshop provides practical ways for rural people to build their personal resilience. The workshop objective is to improve the understanding of the need to focus on all four areas of resilience; emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual, in order to keep stress at manageable levels. It focuses on developing skills and strategies to cope with difficult events and situations in our lives – over an extended period such as drought.

Strategic Farm Business Planning

We can assist your business or organisation to:

  • Clarify the focus and direction of your business
  • Identify business opportunities
  • Assess viability of expansion opportunities
  • Develop short term objectives and long term strategies
  • Run strategic business meetings
  • Establish Farm Advisory Boards
  • Develop systems to monitor your strategic objectives and strategies
  • Develop transition/succession plans between generations within the business

Ag Consulting Co's Jeanette Long has recently facilitated Strategic Planning development with MacKillop Farm Management Group, Mid North High Rainfall Zone Group and Southern Farming Systems. 

Bill Long chairs several Farm Advisory Boards. Farm advisory boards provide a platform for decision making and discussion to happen on a more formal and regular basis thereby improving the operational performance and resilience of the business.

Coaching and Mentoring

Information coming soon

Project Management

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Leadership Training

Ag Consulting believe coaching is a conversation where we consider and explore issues together in a safe, confidential environment.

Leadership Coaching – What is it?

Ag Consulting Co work closely with The Forton Group whose definition of coaching is “supporting you to get what you want, without telling you what to do, or doing it for you.”

The Forton Group definition of leader is “being personally successful and enabling success in others.”  We believe that leadership is about the individual, the team they lead, the wider organisation and leadership in society.

Leadership coaching encompasses:-

  • Performance issues – your own and others
  • Career development – supporting your personal success
  • The impact you have as a leader, using your presentation, verbal and written communication skills.
  • Emotional intelligence – including personal confidence and relationships with others.
Keynote Speaking

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