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    Our carefully curated workshops are designed to foster growth, innovation, and resilience in the farming community. Dive deep into our offerings that nurture skills, foster leadership, and ignite change, all grounded in a community-centric approach.

Nurturing Skills, Fostering Leadership, Igniting Change.

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Facilitating Learning and Change
Designing Engaging Extension
Facilitating Learning and Change
In the dynamic world of agricultural extension, the ability to facilitate learning and drive change is paramount. This workshop delves into the nuances of adult learning, offering insights into how we acquire new skills, assimilate knowledge, and become agents of change.

Key Takeaways

  • Grasp the role of facilitating learning in extension
  • Discover the importance of peer to peer learning
  • Techniques to set groups/ events up for success
  • Understanding how we learn and take on new information
  • Getting the most from Subject Matter Experts/Researchers
  • Master facilitation skills and processes
  • Strategies to facilitate change effectively
Designing Engaging Extension
Dive into the art and science of creating compelling extension activities. This workshop unravels the core elements - the Why, Who, What and the How of extension, leveraging tried-and-tested theories and models. Our goal? To ensure your events resonate with your audience and achieve the desired outcomes.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the essence of extension
  • Master the methodology for designing engaging extension programs
  • Understanding the stages of attitudinal change
  • Decision making insights
  • Grasp the impact of personality type on learning and engagement
  • Defining your target audience
  • Strategise content delivery using the KASA approach
  • Explore a range of Extension and engagement tools
  • Optional: techniques to manage challenging behaviours and effective evaluation techniques